1st Portuguese-French Meeting on Competitive Intelligence

The 1st  Portuguese - French Meeting in Competitive Intelligence  wants to discuss the importance of CI in the current context and business environment and promote the Master in Competitive Intelligence, organized by  University Fernando Pessoa.

Meeting Photos and Vídeo

Vídeo do YouTube

Vídeo do YouTube

Vídeo do YouTube


9:30       Opening Session

Salvato Trigo (University Fernando Pessoa President)

Carlos Zorrinho -  Portuguese National Coordenator for Strategy of Lisbon and for the Technological Plan

9:50       Competitive Intelligence and Internationalization - Henri Dou (Expert in Competitive Intelligence; Guest Professor at UFP- Second Cycle in Competitive Intelligence)

10:30     Patents and Technological Intelligence - Ana Casaca (Director of Consulting and Technology Intelligence at Clarke, Modet & C º)

 11:10    Coffee Break

11:30     Competitive Intelligence  2.0 - Luc Quoniam (Expert in Competitive Intelligence; Coordinator and Professor of  UFP´s Second Cycle in Competitive Intelligence)

12:10     Media, Reputation and Intelligence – Fátima Rebelo  (Manchete Managing Partner)

13:00     Lunch Break

14:30     Financial crisis and economic intelligence? - Alain Juillet (High Responsible for Economic Intelligence with the French Prime Minister)

15:10     Technology Surveillance: Galp Energia Case study – Ruben Eiras (Galp Energia Responsible for relations with the Scientific Community)

16:00     Coffee Break

16:20     Competitive Intelligence and Consular Agencies - Philippe Clerc (French Association of Chambers of Commerce)

17:00    The Second Cycle in Competitive Intelligence (CI)Luc Quoniam and Miguel R. Trigo (Coordinators of CI Second Cycle)

Moderator Vasco Sousa - Innovation adviser